Welcome to my lil’ corner of the internet, Dispatches from Chrysalis. My name is Priya Florence Dadlani (she/they) and I’m an Indo-Caribbean cultural worker based in Brooklyn, NY. Informed by the belief that art sparks culture shift & sustains revolution, my charge is to utilize the transformative powers of storytelling, community organizing, political education, & radical imagination to collectively disrupt the current world order & rebuild anew.

I currently organize with SPICY, a zine-making collective I founded in 2017 that works at the intersection of art, justice, and cultural archival. Through SPICY's programming, I have partnered with Writers Club NY, Secret Riso Club, the Brooklyn Art Book Fair, New Women Space, NYC Feminist Zinefest, the New Museum, and the New York Public Library. In addition, I’m utilizing strategic communications to support grassroots, youth-led, gender justice organizations at Third Wave Fund, and working to end gender-based violence in Indo-Caribbean communities across NYC as part of Jahajee Sisters’ Advisory Board. You can find me on social media at @priya.florence, and you can learn more about my work, experiences, and background on my website.

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This newsletter is an honest offering from me to you. I’ll pop up in your inbox with musings on life, justice, healing, love, feelings, and more from the liminal space I often occupy, constantly on the edge of becoming.


Priya Florence Dadlani is an NYC based, Indo-Caribbean cultural worker and community organizer passionate about liberation, art, and cultural preservation.